Microsoft and Smart buildings combine the latest technological advances in the cloud, connectivity, analytics, and physical design to enable better visibility, greater efficiency and control, and more satisfied, productive occupants. In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving rapid growth in the smart buildings space. Smart buildings offer benefits for building stakeholders of all types, including building owners, operators, and occupants.

The value of smart buildings stems from their ability to offer new levels of insight and control. This translates into four key areas of benefit: more efficient operations, optimized resource management, better space utilization, and greater occupant productivity. These benefits are made possible by smart devices and sensors, cloud connectivity, integrated business systems, machine learning, and productivity solutions.

Setting up a smart building solution involves connecting devices and sensors to the cloud, gathering insights from building operations, and optimizing the business processes using those insights. IOT Frames and Microsoft offer industry-leading capabilities that help organizations at every step of their digital transformation. 

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